Monday, December 19, 2005

Why Blog Posts Have Been Sparse Lately:

H521 Modern European History

15 Textbooks

Book Review 1 A 100 92.18 10%
Book Review 2 A 100 93.86 10%
Book Review 3 A 100 94.06 10%
Book Review 4 A 100 93.5 10%
Book Review 5 A 100 94.44 10%
Comparative Essay A 100 93.89 15%
Historiographical Essay A 100 94.21 25%
Discussion A 100 92.39 10%

(EDIT: Added Material)


I now present to you an installment of REALLY WEIRD THINGS THAT HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE.

I just got my grades back today from this last graduate semester - I got a 4.0. A's in everything. Obviously, I was pretty jazzed, so I started to call up some concerned friends and family about the grades.

I was about 4/5ths of the way down the relevant phone list when I accidentally misdialed a number:

(unfamiliar voice) "Hello?"

Me: "I just got my grades in, and... wait a second, I think I got a wrong number."

Voice: "Um, this is Gary."

Me: "Hi, Gary - yeah, I think it might be a wrong number - um, Gary what?"

Him: "Gary Gygax."


Me: "Wait a second... Gary... Gygax?"

Gary: "Yes, from D&D."


Me: "Wow, well, um, Merry Christmas! This is quite a wrong number."

Gary: *laughs* "Merry Christmas to you, too!"

Me: "Wow, I hadn't expected that. Well, sorry about the wrong number, and have a good week!"

Gary: "You too!" *laughs more*


I checked, and it WAS a wrong number I dialed, not some friend playing a trick on me. I also checked the wonderful internet phone directories, and the number that I dialed belongs to a Gygax, Gary in Wisconsin.

Now, how's THAT for a coincidence?

In case you don't know, Gary Gygax and David Arneson are the guys who invented Dungeons & Dragons.

(EDIT) PROOF! -Gary Gygax acknowledged the phone call on an internet message forum.
LOL! Who would have thought that a incorrectly dialed number would be so interesting?

Thanks for calling me earlier.
Nice job on your grades. I was thinking you had only one class (from that post in August). I am sure you are enjoying your down time. Sweet phone call!

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Nice grades, I think Gygax rolled a 4 to treat a wrong number so well, lol.

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