Thursday, October 06, 2005

Southern California can be Beautiful, you know?

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Sunset or nuclear attack? You be the judge.

Anyway, to try to sum up the last week and a half of my life...

-One friend of mine had a baby. CUTE li'l thing.

-The other friend's six-month-old baby is crawling, babbling, and teething. Also cute.

-I have no babies. Anybody want to help me solve that?

-I've finished several book reviews for my class. Nice reviews - I've also kept up with the reading (16 textbooks), and wow if this isn't teaching me a lot.

-My first slow week at work in a long, long time. Naturally, this means that I can get more homework done.

-We cleaned a lot of debris out of the garage. I think we also found Jimmy Hoffa's corpse in there.

-The Final Fantasy series has great monster design. Just wait until I start posting pictures of the FF Creatures volume 5 figures. Here's a teaser:

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