Saturday, September 03, 2005

VJ Day 60th Anniversary

For those of you who didn't know or were too distracted to realize, September 2 was the 60th Anniversary of VJ Day, when Japan surrendered and the Allies won World War 2. Nowadays, we like to complain about how nobody ever wins in a war, how we're all doomed to be blown to bits by nuclear weapons, and how America should just stick to its own borders. Let's ignore political debate and look at what September 2 means this year.

-The A-Bomb is 60 years old, and it has been sixty years since a nuclear weapon was used in wartime.

-Adolph Hitler has been dead for over sixty years. He never got to carry out his plan to rule Europe.

-It has been sixty years since Emperor Hirohito told his people that he wasn't God. Many Japanese committed suicide.

-It has been sixty years since Japan was so utterly devastated by war that America, once its enemy, pledged aid. Today, Japan is crowded and rich (recent recessions aside).

-It has been over sixty years since my now-late Grandfather got a purple heart for rescuing wounded men from a kamikazed aircraft carrier.

-It has been sixty years since France and Poland were under German Rule.

-It has been sixty years since we last trusted a communist government to be our allies. Many people have said that we were idiots because Stalin killed many, many more people than Hitler. I would like to point out that Hitler's reign was cut short, and Stalin got to rule until the end of his days.

-It has been sixty years since the last time the entire world was in open war. Not even the Islamic Terrorists have managed to accomplish this.

-Franklin Delano Roosevelt died over sixty years ago.

-It has been sixty years since America became the premier world power after recovering from the Great Depression

-It has been sixty years since the Cold War began, and people first started to seriously work on making Israel a nation again.

-And finally, it has been sixty years since Dr. Seuss drew political cartoons.

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How very true.

If only Suess had kept that political bent.
Good post!!! And I like the picture--it was one of the ones I referenced for my Historical Research Techniques paper.
Excellent, John! I didn't know Seuss did political cartoons. Thanks for the history lesson. I like your point about the fact that Hitler's reign was cut short. He was a murderer to the core and would certainly have rivaled Stalin if he had remained in power a long time. Thanks to God that he didn't.
ty for the great post
got any other posts like this? that was great!!!
the comment about Roosevelt may have been true, BUT it is a very sad fact.
i guess this thing i wierd so i just wanted to putt something lol ha bye oh i want to say hi to my mom ha she dnt even use this site haha
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