Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Fire in the Sky

Sorry about the large images:
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But wow, Southern California can be beautiful sometimes. It's rare when you have a double rainbow, but the rest of the sky overshadows the rainbow itself.

Of course, the thunderstorm directly after scared the wits out of my dog. He hid in the closet all night, and refused to be comforted.

Aside from this, we are finally recovering from the summer madness. By "recovering," I mean suddenly sleeping in and sounding like drunks. Just the other day, I said "zombie" instead of volume, and "sun" instead of "phone."

"I need to turn down the zombie."

"The sun keeps ringing."

Need I say more?

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Actually, all rainbows are double rainbows. :-D It's just rare to be able to see the double. Gorgeous pictures.

You want bad word replacement... twice now I've started to say "cemetery" instead "symmetric". My students must not have noticed, since no one laughed or commented.
Wow, that was some sunset!

John, you are always weird. You just sometimes show it more then others.

As for word replacement, how about cemetery instead of seminary. Nope, never done that one myself.
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