Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Pants!!!! I want a decent pair of pants!!!

Well, today was surreal.

It started perfectly normally - I arrived at the office, and went to work. Now, I have access to our on-line bank records (long story), so I usually print them out for our accountant. Have you ever had it where you were really tired, and you just phrased things strangely? Like when you said "could you... get... the thing..." when you meant "Fetch the mail for me?" Well, our accountant walked into my office, and she said, "John, could you... do the deed... for me."

There are about 50 bad ways to take that statement. The least of which is murder.

Of course, it was shortly after that when my pants split a seam. Underneath the zipper. At work. On a Monday, when I don't go home until at least 9:00 PM. Safety pins are a good thing.

And finally, a less funny note. On the way home, at the last real turn before reaching the small local streets, I had stopped at the red light and was about to turn when a truck came barrelling through the intersection, lost control, and crashed into a parked car. Another car slammed on the brakes, but still plowed into the truck, sending it flipping through the air. Debris was everywhere. I don't know if anybody died in the accident (we were shooed through), but I do know that if I had been a few seconds earlier, I would have been in the accident, and probably dead now. Thank God for the way that He works things out in this world.

So... how was YOUR day?
Nowhere near as bad as yours, that's for sure. Yeah, having the Lord on your side is a great thing, and he definitely spared you there. I certainly hope no one was killed in that accident.
Good to hear you're allright, my day was the defenition of "blah".
I went to the doctors and got to read for two hours during work time as a result.

Much better then your day.
I came home from camp and parked my very sore self in front of the computer. I'm sure glad you're alright!
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