Friday, June 24, 2005

Starcrossed Lunatics

Tom Cruise Kills Oprah Winfrey

You know, I always knew that Tom Cruise was a Sith lord. But then, Scientology can Do that to you. Seriously.

Whenever somebody asks me about celebrirty so-and-so's relationship with somebody else, or whether or not I think somebody is guilty or innocent, I have a very simple answer for that.

It doesn't matter. They are insane.

Seriously. California is the world's biggest insane asylum (with the possible exception of Japan). Of course, this means that living here is more fun than not, but still - I really don't get the obsession over celebrities' personal lives. It's like poking a crippled boy with a stick. I mean, isn't it a given that they're nuts?

By the way, the Crusader's Club section of the site is now up - for paying members only, however. Still, it's nice to get that project off my back.

In conclusion, I guess that I will simply pursue my dream career:


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