Sunday, June 12, 2005

Magic carpet ride!

Ah, yes. The Road Trip was great. We spent most of our time in Idaho, and now I feel that I know the state inside and out.

Jason and Andrea Redmond seem to be making a pretty good life for themselves - this made me glad. The town where they live, Moscow, Idaho, is a quaint old-style town that I wish I had gotten more pictures of. It reminds me of Carlisle back in Pennsylvania. It's also a college town, and thus has some rather... unique characteristics.

For one thing, the leading hobby in the town seems to be Warhammer.

Jason gave Brandon and me coupon books that Idaho State U. was giving out. We noticed in about ten seconds that the coupons weren't just for fast-food. To quote:

Brandon: "Jason, shouldn't you be the one who uses these?"

Jason: "Quiet, you."

And then there was Tri-State, "Idaho's Most Interesting Store." I love this store. When you enter, if you look to your left you will see palletes STACKED with ammunition. To your right is a collection of pesticides and herbicides, and a poster titled "How To Start Your Home Brewery." directly ahead are riding crops and horseshoes, and upstairs is an entire section devoted to tents.

I love this store.

They wouldn't sell Brandon the type of gun he wanted at the hunting shop. Apparently, there are some sticky situations involved in selling a Californian an assault rifle. They also won't sell anything related to a 50 caliber rifle - which is sad, because those are great for hunting squirrels.

The school itself seems normal for a college. No, really. We ran into a guy who apparently decided to "improve' his bike by taking off the front wheel and riding it like a unicycle. When he took his shirt off, we knew that we had to get a picture of him. brandon has the photos, and they will eventually be posted here.

In short, Moscow is a nice little town in Idaho - genuinely refreshing when contrasted with, say, Anaheim.

Oh, and I added about ten new photos to My Photo Journal today. more of the trip!
Thanks for the updates--its been great to read about the trip.
I was looking at your picts from your trip and noticed the one where you are driving through the peaceful forest and it reminded me of a story I recently heard from a guy from CA.

He said he rides his bike a lot and was out when the almond orchards were blooming. He saw a road going through a particular orchard and decided to take it. It looked so peaceful, smelled so sweet...

Then, suddenly he noticed a bee, and then another, and another...

It dawned on him that those boxes on the side of the road were bee hives - strategically placed for pollination.

He was very concerned that a bee might get into the air "vents" in his helmet.

It was a rather fast and miserable ride out of there, but he escaped unscathed.

A good (and true) story from Aunt Bee, I think.

Still waiting for the next event in Dagron...
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