Thursday, June 30, 2005

Final Vacation Post (Read Below)

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Anyway, where we left off on the road trip:

After leaving the Redmonds, we had to drive east to Pocatello, Idaho - literally on the other side of the state. I want to again repeat that Idaho is gorgeous. Several of my pictures demonstrate this, but you really have to see it to believe it - and the towns with populations of 400/300/200/100 aren't that bad, either. About midway through, we managed to snag ourselves another driver - Steve, whose debut performance was when he tagged along with John & Brandon that one time we got lost in Malibu, and ended up at a Hindu temple.

So, after driving past the funnel cloud, we made it to Pocatello - an empty college town. Jeremiah McCarroll lives in a downstairs basement, and is hoping for a job. it was kind of sad that we could only stay overnight, and we're all considering giving him more company next year.

And then Brandon looked out the window to where some poor random girl was unloading her car. He began to make comments about how he should marry her - i.e., run out from the building shouting "MARRY ME!!!!" When she suddenly opened the trunk and climbed in! Naturally, this inspired the rest of us to peer at the window. Then she saw us, and we jumped down out of sight with much loud shouting.

Do I have to mention that the car disappeared in under ten seconds?

So, we spent the evening playing Lord of the Rings Risk. I love killing hobbits. Killing hobbits is fun. I still lost, though.

After leaving, the three of us motored through Utah - since absolutely nothing happened during those four hours (except for being mobbed by Mormons with shotguns, but that's another story entirely), and Arizona didn't have much, either. However, this leaves out Nevada, and Las Vegas.

Brandon: "John, what's a Flamingo dancer?"

Me: "It's not a pink bird."

Upon reaching my house (After dropping off poor, beleagured Steve), we realized that we had travelled over 900 miles in one day.

In conclusion, this was actually a great vacation - I look forward to trying to plan one like this next year, if at all possible. Maybe I'll have more free days, then.

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I might as well post a big one.

Friday, June 24, 2005

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Can anyone explain to me what just happened to my blog? The spacing is off.

Starcrossed Lunatics

Tom Cruise Kills Oprah Winfrey

You know, I always knew that Tom Cruise was a Sith lord. But then, Scientology can Do that to you. Seriously.

Whenever somebody asks me about celebrirty so-and-so's relationship with somebody else, or whether or not I think somebody is guilty or innocent, I have a very simple answer for that.

It doesn't matter. They are insane.

Seriously. California is the world's biggest insane asylum (with the possible exception of Japan). Of course, this means that living here is more fun than not, but still - I really don't get the obsession over celebrities' personal lives. It's like poking a crippled boy with a stick. I mean, isn't it a given that they're nuts?

By the way, the Crusader's Club section of the site is now up - for paying members only, however. Still, it's nice to get that project off my back.

In conclusion, I guess that I will simply pursue my dream career:


Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Ginny Eating Popcorn

Ginny the Rat has died:-(

I'm sorry for the short post, but that's why. She passed away after a terrible fight with a tumor. So, let's all observe a moment of silence for the rodent.

I promise to be funny next time, mmkay?

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Magic carpet ride!

Ah, yes. The Road Trip was great. We spent most of our time in Idaho, and now I feel that I know the state inside and out.

Jason and Andrea Redmond seem to be making a pretty good life for themselves - this made me glad. The town where they live, Moscow, Idaho, is a quaint old-style town that I wish I had gotten more pictures of. It reminds me of Carlisle back in Pennsylvania. It's also a college town, and thus has some rather... unique characteristics.

For one thing, the leading hobby in the town seems to be Warhammer.

Jason gave Brandon and me coupon books that Idaho State U. was giving out. We noticed in about ten seconds that the coupons weren't just for fast-food. To quote:

Brandon: "Jason, shouldn't you be the one who uses these?"

Jason: "Quiet, you."

And then there was Tri-State, "Idaho's Most Interesting Store." I love this store. When you enter, if you look to your left you will see palletes STACKED with ammunition. To your right is a collection of pesticides and herbicides, and a poster titled "How To Start Your Home Brewery." directly ahead are riding crops and horseshoes, and upstairs is an entire section devoted to tents.

I love this store.

They wouldn't sell Brandon the type of gun he wanted at the hunting shop. Apparently, there are some sticky situations involved in selling a Californian an assault rifle. They also won't sell anything related to a 50 caliber rifle - which is sad, because those are great for hunting squirrels.

The school itself seems normal for a college. No, really. We ran into a guy who apparently decided to "improve' his bike by taking off the front wheel and riding it like a unicycle. When he took his shirt off, we knew that we had to get a picture of him. brandon has the photos, and they will eventually be posted here.

In short, Moscow is a nice little town in Idaho - genuinely refreshing when contrasted with, say, Anaheim.

Oh, and I added about ten new photos to My Photo Journal today. more of the trip!

Saturday, June 11, 2005

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!


...or something.

Well, Brandon and I just finished a road trip that covered roughly 4,000 miles - from California to Oregon to three places in Idaho and then back down through Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and California again. So many things happened in this trip that I think I'll take many, many blog posts to talk about them. First of all, though, i IMPLORE you to check out My Photo Journal for a look at SOME of the photos that I took on this trip. There are about two or three pages' worth up already, and I will continually add more.

Today's post is going to be about a few little observations that I had early in the trip.

I know the I-5 as a highly congested ten-lane stretch of Freeway going through Los Angeles that I have to drive through to go to work. Last week, I got to see it as a two-lane road in the middle of the northern woods.

Apparently, I have Freak-Invisibility. All of the weird drunks harrassed Brandon, but never even noticed me. brandon developed a useful incantation whidh seemed to ward them off, though. Namely:

"Hey, you big crap-lobster! Why don't you pick on somebody my size?"

It took the fight right out of 'em.

Also, as we progressed further and further into the woods, we began to find some very interesting road signs.




Oh, yeah.

Anyway, Matt Sinclair lives in a gorgeous house bordering the ocean waaaay up in northern Oregon. In Oregon, it's affordable. In California, it would cost a mint... do you detect a bit of jealousy here? Still, the sheer amount of beauty is thoroughly incredible - if only my camera were not in the process of falling apart for the whole week (I still got some really good pictures).

Well, that's today's installment... the next one will probably deal with idaho, and time on the road.

Friday, June 03, 2005


I'm sorry that today's post is so short - I'm EXHAUSTED. Basically, for the last week I've been going crazy trying to get my work done in time for a short vacation. Brandon Cox (aka Chairman Mao) and I are going on a road trip this week. We are going to drive to Oregon to visit Matt Sinclair (The Bearded Maniac), and then to Idaho to see Jason & Andrea Redmond (Bonnie & Clyde) and Jeremiah McCarroll (the Human Calculator). I will give a much better post when I return. I promise.

Meanwhile, here is the rabbit that invaded our space the other week - ain't he a darling? (he also refused to sit still to be photographed).

Da Bunny

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