Sunday, May 01, 2005

We Now Prossess Dracula's Rib

The new website went up today!

Two days ahead of schedule!

ANYWAY, obviously there is much joy and jubilation in the land.

In other news - something that I let my sister cover in her blog ( ) (SOMEBODY NEEDS TO TELL ME HOW TO ADD THESE LINKS TO THE SIDEBAR), my dad's hernia operation yesterday went well - despite the fact that he had four hernias. He's recovering nicely, but in a lot of pain. The doctor told him that he's not allowed to lift more than five lbs... but he's too helpful for his own good. We have to practically tie him to the ground.

However, we have help.

Colin P. Akridge, who has been aclose and dear friend of our family for longer than I have been alive, has come by for a visit. It's absolutely wonderful to see him again, and it's also great that he will help keep my dad out of trouble! Colin is basically Uncle Remus in look, personality, and accent (this is not an exaggeration), and that's a wonderful thing. The Song of the South is my dad's favorite movie - and it is NOT RACIST.
For one thing, it's post-slavery. Remus is a sharecropper. Also, there were happy black people in the South. Sure, there were a lot of unhappy and oppressed ones, but even some slaves led decent lives - go look in any historical record. I'm not justifying slavery by any means (it was a wicked, horrible thing), but realize that not every slave was mistreated Roots-style. In-house slaves were often treated more or less like hired help, and some were basically members of the family. After slaver was abolished, Sharecroppers were only marginally treated better for the most part, but again this does not mean that EVERYBODY was mean to them. The Song of the South just happens to be based in a house that treated the sharecroppers decently.

Okay, that's my rant. Anyway, it's good to have Colin Akridge here. He's been one of our best friends for so many years.

I'll wrap this up with another image to celebrate the site:

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