Thursday, May 12, 2005

Hi Ho, Hi Ho! It's Late at Work I Stay!

So, I worked kind of late today. I got home sometime around 11:00 PM. We have that conference to prepare for, and for some reason the lecture notes/syllabus kept GAINING more errors every time I'd go over it! Microsoft Word: BAD. Still, it eventually ended, and I came home.

As an update, Tim came back to work today! He's gonna take a short leave and be on Disability pay for a while, but he's looking and sounding MUCH better now. This is a good thing, folks.

My sister had a few issues with the musicians - apparently, one of them decided to have a nervous breakdown in front of all of the others.

And to top off today's chaos, I almost had a car accident. A bus decided that it was time to switch lanes without warning and without a turn signal, and I had to swerve into another lane to avoid getting killed. Can I stay home tomorrow? Please?

Now, there are things that I wanted to add to my last post. Namely, that even the recent Justice League cartoon has been copying Lovecraft - in the episode, "The terror Beyond," that is. if anyone has this, or the Ghostbusters episode, please contact me!

The Call of Ichultu

Seriously, though - "Icthultu?" And as if that weren't already honest enough, the Superfriends were attacked by Practically all of Lovecraft's bestiary. Cthulhu, Dagon, even a Gug - it's good to see old celebrities back on TV, isn't it?

And to be honest, avoid movies directly "based on" Lovecraft's work. They usually suck. What's funny is that the Lovecraftian video games - Eternal darkness, for example - portray the basic feel of those stories far better. A good example of this is the fact that the Alone in the Dark video games are terrifying, while the movie was complete, utter trash. Actually, the movie wasn't Lovecraftian.

And that's that. A few more details here, a few more there. I might post more if I can think of something next time. I'm just too danged tired right now.

Also, here is H. P. Lovecraft's Entire Library On-Line

First of all, I'm glad Tim is doing better. I read both your blog and your sister's. I prayed for him, and fortunately, things are looking brighter.

*sighs* Can't we just eliminate all drivers that don't know how to drive?

Anyway, within 3-4 weeks, we need to talk about my return. I'm looking forward to this summer!!
Ah, I remember the Adventures of Superman episode where he hooked up with Dr. Fate. Tentacle stew, anyone?

I heard California traffic was bad, but Philly's got ya beat. We have TWO of the worst intersections in the nation. Guess where I have to drive?

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