Friday, May 20, 2005

Anakin got Owned

Can anyone guess what movie I saw today?

Some people love Revenge of the Sith, some people hate it, others found it to be so-so.

I love it.

I seriously love this movie.

I NEVER expected to enjoy a Star wars movie this much - it's one of the first times that I can ever remember a movie outdoing its own hype (or at least the hype that I made up for it). I'm trying not to give spoilers... trying...

...GAH! I'll give spoilers in a week or two, when everybody's seen it. I'll post funny pics and stuff.

In other news, my mother got her cast today - it's neon creen! SIGN IT.

And finally, a non-spoiler about Revenge of the Sith: You get a quick two-second cameo that proves that there are indeed Neimoidian soldiers - they don't just use droids. of course, they have an action figure. Here's my opinion on it:

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