Monday, April 25, 2005

Living in the Land of the Not Lost, Just Taking the Scenic Route

So, I've been taking pictures with my camera. Of course, plenty of them ended up being toy pictures, but that's part of the purpose of this blog, so NYAH! I decided to put them on Photobucket instead because there are a ton. They are of some of my Final Fantasy Creatures, a line of 3" highly-detailed, really nice-looking toys that are blind-packed and severely overpriced. It's better than buying drugs. ANYWAY, here are pictures of four of them: Vegnagun (FFX-2), Nemesis (FFX), Griever (FFVIII), and Neo Bahamut (FFVII). The other little PVC guys are 1" figures used for scale purposes:

Vegnagun's Face
Vegnagun's Side
Vegnagun Disassembled
The symbol on Vegnagun's Underside (slightly blurry; I couldn't get the camera to focus on something that small)
The Designs on Vegnagun's Knees
Vegnagun's Giger-esque base
Vegnagun's Shimmering, transluscent wings
Vegnagun vs. Strog!
Vegnagun vs. Strog Backlit
The conclusion of the Battle
Nemesis' Face
Nemesis' Face from Another Angle
Side View of Nemesis
Nemesis on a cup
Nemesis' Claw
Nemesis' Torso
Nemesis' Underbelly
The Tassels hanging from Nemesis' Horns
Poor Strog Shouldn't Have Fought Nemesis!
Griever Against the Window
Griever's Face
This is how small Griever is
Griever's Wings
Griever's" Torso
Griever's Base (gotta love that tail)
Griever vs. A Random PVC
Neo Bahamut
Neo Bahamut close-up
Neo Bahamut's Face
Neo Bahamut's tiny, tiny arm (that's 12 point font in the picture)
Neo Bahamut's Base
Neo Bahamut vs. A Random PVC
Crossed Wings
All three in scale

Well, there you go! If you think that's a lot, try putting down the html for them all!
Haha these little guys are better than drugs! XD I LOVE neo bahamut! awesome figure. and great pics of him.
Please put up more vegnagun. I can't find any good ones.
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