Sunday, April 03, 2005

Graveyard Duck?

Many people have been asking me what the "Graveyard Duck" is. Well, it's the first of what will turn out to be several strange ever-changing titles of my blog. This specific one is about as obscure as you can get:
Is it possible it is two sentences? "Get a silk bag from the graveyard." and "Duck to live longer."

Interesting story nevertheless.
Wow! Matt, you may be brilliant! (As soon as I figured out you meant the action "duck" and not the animal).
*giggling* DUCKS!
I'm pretty sure that it was meant to be two sentences. Still, it's hilarious.
who'd have thunk? Our own Matt, the myth debunker lol
lol Yeah, I agree it is quite funny, I was just wondering if there were a logical explanation (heaven forbid that there should be a logic to Engrish! ;-)).
What does the silk bag do?
It keeps the spiders happy so they won't bite you. *sage nod*
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