Monday, April 11, 2005

The General Goes on Vacation

So, how was our day today? Remember, the whole family is taking a week in Vegas. basically, we visited the Venetian, and had some fun. Actually, the whole story is better told through this:

I also need to upload the video clip of a store magician making the figure levitate. Think of the whole thing like that "travelling Gnome" thing. I experimented to figure out the camera trick, and now I made an excuse to post it. Enjoy!
You really need to get out more :)
No, no--this was out in Vegas, obviously the General and his biographer get out too much!! ;-)

'Twas quite fascinating and well made. Look out Michael Moore!
HEY!! I'm the one that needs to get out more!!!

Anyhoo, very creative. I enjoyed checking out this entry.
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