Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Camel Sleeps at Noon, but Not in Cleveland.

What is the price of a good, long vacation? 12-hour workdays consisting of fixing the errors people thought you made but you didn't, only to find that nobody thought you did them but you did. Ain't playing catch-up fun?

Also, I learned about Camel Spiders. May I never learn about them again.

General Grievous is at it again.

Besides this, I have an amusing story tonight that's pretty telling about the state of television these days. We had the volume muted for a little while, you see. We un-muted it, and promptly heard this smashing piece of dialogue:

"Let's be colon buddies!"

With that, we changed the channel.

And finally, here is a picture of actor Michael Berryman with a monster mask.

*snuggles because you deserve it* KNEW it wasn't your fault. ^___^
colon buddies? What on earth were you watching?
Obviously it was a show about grammar. If you aren't ready for the big commitment, you can be semicolon buddies, or even just comma buddies.
that's what I thought at first Jeremiah.

Don't see why that actor needs a mask to look scary.
It was the Drew Carey Show.

Michael Berryman is one of those actors who you see everywhere, but can never quite place. He has a rare genetic disease in which he does not have any hair, teeth, fingernails, or sweat glands. As a result, he has a rather creepy appearance, and usually gets cast accordingly.
Bet he saves a lot on deoderant LOL
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