Friday, April 29, 2005

And the Heroes Went Into Glory...

Well, it's over. Not the website itself - no, that's a work in progress. But the mad rush to get it ready for Friday, yes, THAT is over! After a lot (A LOT) of pages submitted, glitches found, errors corrected, and some strangeness involving multimedia, it seems that the site will be ready for launch. Unfortunately, poor James is going to have to reconfigure the whole thing to run smoothly so that when the new site goes live on Monday, it'll be perfect.

I suspect that he will look like this by the end of the week:

So, I'll end today's post with The Subliminal Ball:

I feel a strange urge to give you my money...
I will give you my moneeeeey....
Yes! I get all your money! er, wait... *the dangers of subliminal messages with dyslexia...*
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